Pancakes on a Pirate Ship

“It is Canada Day!” shouted Pirate Pete, at the top of his lungs, to his crew. “Pancakes and maple syrup for everyone!”

“I love pancakes,” said Slappy, one of Pirate Pete’s crew.

“Oh I do too,” said Rusty, another of the crew.

“I wonder if he spiked the maple syrup with rum,” laughed Slappy.

“That isn’t possible,” said Rusty. “Pirate Pete’s mother came onto the ship late last night. She had all the rum barrels dumped overboard within the hour.”

“Oh dear!” laughed Slappy. “Wait, did she get the one I stashed in the closet in Pirate Pete’s cabin?”

“That was the first one she got,” said Rusty.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Slappy. “She is good!”

Slappy and Rusty grabbed their plates of pancakes and sat down at the table beside Pirate Pete and his mother. Pirate Pete poured some maple syrup on his pancakes and when he did, he heard a strange voice.

“I need a ton more of that stuff,” said the strange voice. “It will make me good and tough.”

All of a sudden, Pirate Pete, Mother, Slappy and Rusty saw the top pancake on Pirate Pete’s plate stand up and dance.

“Are you sure she got all the rum?” asked Slappy.

“I am pretty sure,” said Rusty.

“No need to worry about rum being here,” said the pancake. “I am Pancake Man and more maple syrup my dear.”

“What are you doing on my ship?” asked Pirate Pete. “This is a pirate ship and we are having our Canada Day celebration.”

“I mean no harm,” said Pancake Man. “Please show your charm. I just want you to say what you do on a regular Canadian day.”

“I am a pirate,” said Pirate Pete. “I get up early in the morning and clean the ship. Then we look for buried treasure at the bottom of the sea.”

“Very interesting work,” said Pancake Man. “Nice to see a pirate true and through. Now let’s pour on that golden maple goodness and have a Happy Canada Day despite the mess.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Pirates have busy days too.
  • Example: Pancake Man wanted to know what a pirate does on a typical Canadian day.

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