Golden Goodness

Jamie was playing outside on a cool winter day. It was snowing outside and he was enjoying himself.

“I wonder where Golden Snowflake is,” said Jamie, looking up into the sky. “I hope I can see her. She has been so kind to me. She healed me when I wasn’t feeling well. She also helped my friends when they were sick. I would really like to thank her for everything she has done. I know what I can do. I can hold a party for her.”

Jamie talked to his friends, Jessie and Harry and they both loved the idea of holding a party for Golden Snowflake.

“I will help with the refreshments,” said Jessie.

“I will help with the music,” said Harry.

“That will be wonderful,” said Jamie. ‘I want this party to be the best party ever.”

Jamie made a huge “Thank You” banner and he also made a huge snowman.

“I love the banner and the snowman,” said Jessie, setting down the refreshments on a. table Jamie had setup for them.

A few minutes later, Harry showed up with a few musical instruments and he started to play some music.

It wasn’t long until the sky turned a golden colour and Golden Snowflake appeared.

“Surprise!” yelled Jamie, Jessie and Harry.

“This is such a nice party,” said Golden Snowflake.

“You have done so much for us,” said Jamie. “We just wanted to do something nice for you and show you our appreciation.”

“Thank you,” said Golden Snowflake, doing a swirl in the sky to the beat of Harry’s music. “This is a wonderful surprise. Thank you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always show your appreciation when someone does something nice for you.
  • Example: Golden Snowflake healed Jamie and his friends when they were ill so Jamie decided he would throw her a party to show his appreciation.

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