Quite the Catch

“I can’t wait to get out on the open waters,” said Frank the Fisherman. putting on his hip waders. “I love being a fisherman.”

“Hey Frank” said John, Frank’s boss. “It is time for us to get our nets into the water. Do you think we will catch old Bertha this time?”

“That would really be something,” said Frank. “She has been eluding us since we found out she exists.”

“I heard the boys from the Admiral saw her about a month ago,” said John. “So, she is still here.”

“Were they here in these deep waters because I heard they were in the shallows?” asked Frank.

“I wondered about that when I heard that story, ” said John. “The Admiral is in pretty rough shape and shouldn’t be out on the water at all.”

Frank, John and the rest of the crew worked hard all that morning getting the nets into the water. Later that evening the crew hauled the nets back in.

“These nets seem much heavier than normal,” said Frank.

“They do,  said John. “Do you think old Bertha is there?”

“I don’t think” said Frank, peering into the eyes of the biggest fish he had ever seen. “Look here, John! I think we have captured old Bertha!”

Frank, John and the other crew members were overcome with excitement. Thy couldn’t believe they could possibly have caught old Bertha.

“Quick,” said John. “Lets get her on the scale and then take a few pictures of her. I want to get her back into the water as quick as we can.”

The men weighed her. It turns out Old Bertha weighed a whopping 650 lbs.

“Old Bertha sure is a beauty,” said Frank, helping to put her safely back into the water.

“She sure is,” said John. “We are probably the only boat lucky enough to catch her.”

“It will be awhile before she allows herself to be caught again,” said Frank.

“We are probably the only ones to ever get that up close and personal with her,” said John, looking at the photos they had taken of old Bertha. “She sure is one beautiful fish.”

“That she is.” said Frank.


Moral of this Story:

  • You never know what life will bring you.
  • Example: Frank the Fisherman helped catch old Bertha, a huge elusive fish.

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