Autumn Living in a Tree

“Grandma,” said Little Crow. “Look at all the leaves that have fallen off the tree. It is starting to look bare.”

“That is the downside of autumn,” said Grandma. “Our tree looks so beautiful when the leaves turn colour but those leaves do fall off the tree. It is all part of autumn living in a tree.”

“I know,” said Little Crow.” I just don’t feel safe without the leaves. What if a wind storm blew through? The wind could knock this house flying.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” said Grandma.

“What do you mean?” asked Little Crow. “We have had some pretty bad wind storms.”

“Yes,” agreed Grandma. “And we have survived them all.”

“That is true,” said Little Crow, feeling a little bit better about things.

“Little Crow,” said Grandma. “You have to remember who built this house.”

“Grandpa,” said Little Crow.

“While your grandfather was alive,” said Grandma.” He would always do a thorough job. I guarantee he built this house to withstand hurricane force winds.”

“I agree,” said Little Crow, watching all his fears and anxiety wash away at the thought of his late grandfather. “Grandpa was the best.”

“That he was,” said Grandma.” That he was.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always trust what your elders tell you.
  • Example: Little Crow was worried about the wind outside but Grandma reassured him that Grandpa built the house to withstand hurricane force winds.

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