Autumn Splendor

Little Crow looked out of the window of his grandmother’s kitchen. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

“What a beautiful sight!” cried Little Crow. “It is no wonder that I love the autumn season!”

Looking toward the east, Little Crow saw acres upon acres of golden wheat fields. Looking toward the south, he saw vibrant red and orange coloured leaves. Looking to the west, he saw the majestic snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains. He felt he was in heaven.

“I get to see the best of the autumn season here in Calgary,” said Little Crow. “It is beautiful.”

Little Crow was in such a good mood. The autumn splendor was the reason for that.

Little Crow just happened to take a glance out the window facing north and he could feel his good mood slipping away. He saw his cousin Jake flying toward Grandma’s house.

“Oh dear,” said Little Crow. “Jake always puts me in a bad mood because of his constant teasing and bullying.”

Little Crow gave Jake a thought for a moment and he decided he wasn’t going to let Jake ruin his good mood. Little Crow decided he would enjoy the day instead. Little Crow went onto Grandma’s porch and he flew in the direction of the wheat field, then the autumn trees. After that he flew toward the snow-covered mountains. Little Crow felt good. He felt alive and refreshed. He enjoyed the autumn splendor.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t let others ruin your good mood.
  • Example: Little Crow decided he would not let his cousin Jake ruin his good mood.

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