Autumn Cleaning

Little Crow was on the front porch of grandmother’s house. He was enjoying the fresh autumn air. He noticed there was a lot of dust on the front windows. He grabbed a pail of soapy water and a sponge and he started to clean them.

“Autumn cleaning,” said Grandma, seeing what Little Crow was doing. “What a perfect idea. Make sure you leave a few streaks in them windows. We don’t want other birds to fly into them.”

“Or ourselves,” said Little Crow.

“Very true,” said Grandma, rubbing her beak, thinking of times she had done just that and how much it hurt.

Little Crow and Grandma were cleaning when his cousin Jake, showed up.

“Little Sissy is helping Grandma clean,” teased Jake. “Are you trying to earn brownie points?”

“Jake,” said Grandma, overhearing what he had just said. “Stop teasing your cousin and grab the broom. You can sweep off the front porch.”

“I can’t stay,” said Jake. “I am running an errand for mother.”

“Your mother’s errand can wait,” said Grandma. “You have time to tease your cousin, you have time for some autumn cleaning.”

Reluctantly, Jake grabbed the broom. He knew better than to argue with Grandma.

“Hey Little Crow,” said Jake, a few minutes later. “You left streaks in that window you just finished.”

Little Crow pointed to his beak and then to the window. Jake understood. He had flown into several windows in his lifetime and he knows how much it hurts.

“Carry on,” said Jake. “Carry on.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t tease anyone or you may find yourself doing some autumn cleaning.
  • Example: Jake was teasing his cousin Little Crow and Grandma made Jake sweep the front porch.

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