Uncle Sour’s Birthday

Uncle Sour was sitting all by himself at the bottom of the crystal candy bowl he lived in. He was very miserable, more miserable than usual.

“Why is Uncle Sour so miserable today?” asked Mommy Gum Drop.

“He is always miserable,” said Daddy Gum Drop.

“But not this miserable,” said Mommy. “He snapped at Baby this morning.”

“I will talk to him,” said Daddy.

Daddy went over and sat down beside Uncle Sour.

“Why are you so miserable today?” asked Daddy. “I heard you even snapped at Baby. That isn’t like you.”

Uncle Sour just shrugged his shoulders. Daddy wasn’t getting any answers so he got up and started walking away. He noticed the calendar on the wall and that is when everything made sense.

“It is your birthday,” said Daddy. “That is why you are so miserable.”

Uncle Sour nodded his head.

“Birthday’s are supposed to be fun,” said Daddy.

Uncle Sour just sat there. He didn’t feel like celebrating. He didn’t want anything to do with his birthday. He knew he was getting too old.

“Did you find out why he is so miserable?” asked Mommy, when Daddy came back.

“It’s his birthday,” said Daddy.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mommy. “That makes sense. I have to go bake him a cake.”

Mommy baked Uncle Sour a huge birthday cake. When it was finished, she showed it to him but he didn’t care.

“He doesn’t even want his birthday cake,” said Mommy.

“Well,” said Daddy. “Slice it up anyway. I’ll have a piece.”

“Me too,” said Baby.

Mommy sliced the cake and handed Daddy and Baby a piece. Surprisingly, Baby took his and sat beside Uncle Sour. He handed the plate to Uncle Sour. Uncle Sour pushed it away. Baby handed it to him again.

“Happy birthday Uncle Sour,” said Baby, smiling.

Uncle Sour couldn’t help but smile back. He hugged Baby and took the cake. He got up, sliced a piece for Baby and sat with Mommy and Daddy and ate the cake.

Moral of this Story:

    • A simple smile can make all the difference.
    • Example: Uncle Sour refused to eat his birthday cake until he saw Baby Gum Drop smile.
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