Baby Gum Drop Learns his Colours

Uncle Sour Gum Drop and Daddy Gum Drop were napping. Baby Gum Drop was in the kitchen with Mommy Gum Drop. Mommy was cooking dinner.

“What colour are you?” Mommy asked.

“I am orange,” said Baby.

“Good boy,” said Mommy. “Show me something else that is orange?”

Baby looked around and saw a bowl full of oranges on the counter. He pointed to them.

“What colour is Uncle Sour? asked Mommy.

“Purple,” said Baby.

“What else is purple?” asked Mommy.

Baby saw a bowl of grapes on the counter. He pointed to them.

“Very good,” said Mommy.

Mommy went to the fridge and took out some lettuce and some tomatoes. Baby pointed to the lettuce.

“Green,” said Baby. “Just like you.”

He then pointed to the tomatoes.

“Red,” said Baby. “Just like Daddy.”

Mommy was very happy with Baby and his colours. She gave him a piece of the tomato she just sliced. He enjoyed it very much.

Moral of this Story:

  • Playing simple games help promote learning.
  • Example: Mommy played a game with Baby Gum Drop to help him learn his colours.
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