“C” is for Christmas

Alphabet Allie and her friend, Crystal, went to the shopping centre to do some Christmas shopping.

“‘C’ is for centre and also for Christmas,” said Alphabet Allie. “It sure is crowded here. “‘C’ is for crowded.”

“At least there is Christmas cheer,” said Crystal. “‘C’ is for cheer. Everyone seems happy.”

Alphabet Allie and Crystal walked through the shopping centre. They were in the Christmas spirit so they started singing Christmas carols.

“‘C’ is for carols,” said Alphabet Allie. “Let’s sing them loud and clear. ‘C’ is for clear.”

As they walked through the shopping centre singing Christmas carols, everyone joined in. Alphabet Allie and Crystal had a lot of fun spreading Christmas cheer.

Moral of this Story:

  • Help spread Christmas cheer.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and Crystal spread Christmas cheer by singing Christmas carols.


Video of this Story

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