Frankie’s Christmas Proposal

“Are you Marvin?” asked Anna, Frankie’s waitress friend.

“No,” said an old man, huddled under a tattered wool blanket. “My name is Pete.”

“Marvin is supposed to live near a dumpster outside of the diner,” said Anna. “Is there another dumpster around here?”

“The only other one I know of is across the street,” said Pete, pointing in the direction of the other dumpster.

“Oh yes,” said Anna. “Thank you Pete. I had forgotten all about that one.”

“It is hidden by that big red maple,” said Pete.

“That it is,” said Anna, waving goodbye.

“A pretty girl like you needs to be careful in this part of the city,” said Pete.

“I’ll be okay,” said Anna.

Anna crossed the street and walked over to the other dumpster. She saw a man much older than Pete, shivering.

“Are you Marvin?” asked Anna.

“Yes,” said Marvin, through chattering teeth.

“I am Frankie’s friend, Anna,” said Anna. “I need to talk to you about Frankie. Wait right here. I will be right back.”

Anna felt so bad for Marvin. She went back to the diner and grabbed two styrofoam cups of homemade chicken soup and a handful of crackers. She gave one to Pete and took the other one to Marvin.

“Thank you,” said Marvin, warming up his hands on the hot cup of soup.

“I wanted to ask you about Frankie,” said Anna, once Marvin had eaten the soup. “What would Frankie like for Christmas? I want this to be the best Christmas he has ever had.”

“I think he would like to have just a normal Christmas,” said Marvin. “You know, Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace, a Christmas tree decorated with an angel on top and of course, a traditional Christmas dinner.”

“Wonderful,” said Anna. “Thank you Marvin.”

Anna prepared the stockings, the Christmas tree and the traditional Christmas dinner. She invited Frankie, Marvin and Pete to celebrate Christmas with her.

“Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas,” said Frankie, once Marvin and Pete had left.

“You are welcome,” said Anna.

“Anna,” said Frankie, taking a small velvet box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” said Anna, happily. “Yes, I will marry you!”

Anna was delighted about Frankie’s wedding proposal.

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