Environment Bug and Christmas Waste

“Look at all the Christmas trees that are lying around here after Christmas,” said Environment Bug, the day after Christmas last year. “Next Christmas, I will make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Environment Bug decided the best way to tackle this issue was to go door to door and talk to the people of Calgary directly.

“Do you have a real tree this year?” Environment Bug asked Mrs. Penelope.

“No,” said Mrs. Penelope. “I have an artificial tree this year.”

“Much better for the environment,” said Environment Bug.

Environment Bug was very happy that Mrs. Penelope had an artificial tree. As he went door-to-door he found that quite a few people had artificial trees. There were a few people who did have real trees.

“I just love the scent of a real tree,” said Mr. Thompson. “There is nothing like it.”

“You are right,” agreed Environment Bug. “There is nothing like it. What are you going to do with your tree once Christmas is over?”

“I really haven’t thought of that,” said Mr. Thompson.

“Please make sure it is properly disposed of,” said Environment Bug.

“Oh no worries there,” said Mr. Thompson. “I will take mine to the landfill.”

“Good to hear,” said Environment Bug.

Environment Bug found that, for the most part, most people were responsible and also respectful of the environment. He was very pleased about this. He also found out that several people were planning on recycling their wrapping paper instead of just throwing it into the landfill.

The day after Christmas, Environment Bug did notice that there were fewer trees in the landfill. Next Christmas he would do the same door-to-door campaign and just remind people of the importance of being responsible for their Christmas waste.

Moral of this Story:

    • Please be responsible when it comes to Christmas waste.
    • Example: Environment Bug wants to make sure there is very little Christmas waste.
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