Christmas Concerts

“It is Christmas Eve,” said Dianne Troll excitedly, as she got out of bed.

“Yes,” said Billy, coughing.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Dianne. “You can’t be getting sick. This big Troll Town Christmas concert is tonight.”

“It is just a little tickle in my throat,” said Billy.

When Dianne and Billy went downstairs, Dianne poured Billy a tall glass of orange juice. He drank it quickly. It felt so good on the back of his throat.

As the day wore on, Billy’s throat was feeling better. Dianne kept giving him large glasses of orange juice and for lunch she gave him a big bowl of homemade chicken soup.

“Where are you going?” asked Dianne, when she saw Billy putting on his coat.

“I am going to rehearse for tonight’s concert,” said Billy.

“I am okay,” said Billy, coughing.

“Upstairs,” said Dianne. “What you need is a good nap.”

“But…,” said Billy. “I really need some more time to rehearse.”

“If you don’t rest your voice,” said Dianne. “There won’t be a concert tonight. Come on, Billy. It is Christmas Eve. Troll Town really needs you to be in good shape for tonight.”

Billy knew Dianne was right. He went and laid down. He was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He slept so good that it took a few minutes for Dianne to wake him up.

“How do you feel?” asked Dianne when Billy came downstairs after having a shower.

“I do feel much better,” said Billy. “That nap did me wonders.”

Billy and Dianne left for the concert hall about an hour later. Billy couldn’t believe the turn out. The concert hall was packed. Billy got a standing ovation when he started singing his new Christmas song. The crowd loved it.

“It is Christmas Eve,” sang Billy. “Time for families to be together. Time for friends to celebrate. Time for good food and good cheer. Time for little children to wait with anticipation.”

Billy’s voice lasted throughout the concert but once it was over it was pretty sore.

“Shhhhh,” said Dianne when Billy tried to talk to her over the noise of the crowd leaving the concert hall. “Keep you voice in good shape. You have another concert to do tomorrow night.”

“What!” exclaimed Billy with a scratchy voice.

“You know,” laughed Dianne. “Your annual family Christmas concert.”

“Oh yes,” laughed Billy, remembering that every Christmas he would sing to his and Dianne’s parents. “I’d better just rest my voice.”

Moral of this Story:

    • There are lots of Christmas traditions.
    • Example: Billy Troll’s Christmas tradition is that he sings to his and his wife, Dianne’s parents every Christmas Day.
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