Forgetful Fred Forgets the Christmas Tree

“Now dear,” said Sarah. “What are you going to pick up after work tonight?”

“Ummm,” said Forgetful Fred, laughing.

“Forgetful Fred,” said Sarah. “That isn’t funny.”

Forgetful Fred kissed Sarah on the cheek and left the house to go to work.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Forgetful Fred to himself as he started the car. “What am I supposed to pick up after work tonight?”

Forgetful Fred thought and thought and thought. He knew it was important but he couldn’t remember for the life of him what it was.

“Was it something soft or something hard?” he asked himself. “Or is it something cheap or something expensive? Something blue or something green?”

“Wait,” said Forgetful Fred. “It was something green. I do remember that.”

Forgetful Fred thought and thought and thought all the way to the office about what something green was that he was supposed to pick up on his way home. He wanted to remember this so badly because he wanted to please Sarah. He was always forgetting things.

Try as hard as he might, Forgetful Fred just could not remember what it was. He thought all day at the office and during a meeting he could not concentrate on work because he was thinking too hard.

“Oh dear,” said his boss, when he was asked a question and just couldn’t for the life of him think of the correct answer. “Did you forget something Forgetful Fred?”

“Sarah asked to pick something up on the way home tonight but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was,” said Forgetful Fred.

“Wine,” said one of the office workers.

“Chocolate,” said another.

“No,” said Forgetful Fred. “It is something green, that I do remember.”

“Big or small?” asked his boss.

“Ummm, big,” said Forgetful Fred remembering that he was supposed to pick up something that was big and green.

“Well considering the time of year it is,” said his boss. “Would it be your Christmas bonus?”

“Ummm, that is green and possibly big,” said Forgetful Fred. “But that wasn’t it.”

“Good,” said his boss. “Because if we don’t get this work done here today, there won’t be a Christmas bonus. Now, about this ad campaign for the Christmas Tree Foundation, let’s get going on it.”

“Christmas tree!” exclaimed Forgetful Fred, almost hugging his boss. “That’s it!”

“Okay now that we have that settled,” said his boss, shaking his head. “Anyone have any suggestions?”

“I think what we just had here with Forgetful Fred would be a really good advertising campaign,” laughed one of the office workers.

“It sure would be funny,” said his boss, laughing as he thought about what just happened.

“Forgetful Fred,” said his boss at the end of the day, handing him a big fat cheque for his Christmas bonus. “Go straight to the Christmas tree farm on the way home and buy Sarah the biggest and best Christmas tree you can find.”

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