Arrow and Decorative Cakes by Tammy

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Decorative Cakes by Tammy and Bed Tyme Tales

“Mommy left her Facebook page open,” said Arrow, sitting on Mommy’s computer desk.

Arrow was intrigued by what he saw on Mommy’s Facebook page. He saw a page from one of Mommy’s friends. It had cakes on it but it wasn’t just ordinary cakes baked with flour and topped with icing. The page Arrow was looking at was “Decorative Cakes by Tammy”. These cakes were made from all sorts of different things. Since Mommy had this page open Arrow knew Mommy must want to buy one.

Arrow has always wanted to do something nice for Mommy because ever since he was just six weeks old Mommy has done all sorts of things for him. What has he ever done for Mommy? He wanted to order Mommy one of those cakes. Arrow had one problem though. He didn’t have any money so he couldn’t pay for it. However, he did notice that Tammy had a contest on her Facebook page. He decided he would enter the contest and see if he could win it for Mommy.

To Arrow’s surprise, he won the contest on Tammy’s page. He was so happy. He couldn’t wait until Mommy opened up the package when it came in the mail. The day came when the mail man showed up at the door. Arrow could hardly contain himself. He was purring and just so excited. Mommy just couldn’t figure out what he was so excited about until she opened the package. She started to cry when she opened the package and saw one of Tammy’s beautiful cakes inside and then she cried even more when she read the card that was attached to it.

“Mommy, I love you!” the card read. “Signed Arrow!”.

Mommy went over to Arrow and gave him the biggest hug he had ever had. Arrow knew Mommy loved her gift.

“That was so sweet of you,” Mommy said in his ear.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you,” Arrow purred back. “After all the nice things you have done for me.”

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “I love you so much!”

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