Arrow and Georgie’s Potato Chip Adventure

“Hi!” said Arrow, when he was face to face with the cutest dog he had ever seen. “My name is Arrow.”

Arrow is a three year old furry cat who is always up for an adventure. He isn’t too fond of dogs, but Georgie was different. She looked gentle and kind.

“Hi Arrow,” said Georgie, while Arrow stuck his paw right on Georgie’s nose. “Hey, I smell potato chips.”

“Oh, oh!” exclaimed Arrow, who had just finished eating some of Mommy’s potato chips out of her bowl when she wasn’t looking.

“What!” exclaimed Georgie. “Why did you say, Oh, Oh!”

“Well,” said Arrow. “You might tell Mommy that I was eating her potato chips and then I would be in trouble.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” said Georgie. “But, I will tell you what. Does Mommy have any more potato chips?”

“We can look,” said Arrow.

“Yes,” said Georgie. “Let’s look.”

Both Arrow and Georgie looked all over the house but they couldn’t find Mommy’s potato chips.

“Guess we are out of luck,” said Georgie.

Just then Mommy came home with some grocery bags and set them down on the counter.

“Guess we aren’t,” said Arrow, who spotted a bag of potato chips in Mommy’s grocery bag.

Arrow took the bag of potato chips and ran down to the end of the hallway with them. Georgie followed. They both devoured the bag of potato chips.

“Gee,” said Mommy, while putting the grocery bags away. “I could have sworn I bought a bag of potato chips.”

Mommy went back to the grocery store but the grocery store was all out of her favorite kind. She bought a bag of multigrain chips instead. She came home and she put them down on the table to put her wallet and keys away. She turned back around the get her multigrain chips and just out of the corner of her eye she saw Arrow running down the hallway with them in his mouth.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Mommy, taking them from him and then noticing the empty bag of regular chips on the floor. “I knew I had bought these earlier. Why, you little rascal!”

Arrow gave Mommy the cutest look on his face that he could muster up.

“I don’t think you are going to like these,” said Mommy, giving one to Arrow and then seeing Georgie down the hallway, she offered one to Georgie.

What Mommy didn’t know was the Arrow would pretty much eat anything and multigrain chips were Georgie’s favourite. The three of them shared the bag of multigrain chips together.

This story was written for a co-worker of mine, Kenzie Connolly. Please visit our Contests page if you would like to win a “Story Written for You“.

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