Green Pumpkins

Farmer Ted was out in the field. He looked over toward his pumpkin patch. He was shocked at what he saw. The pumpkins were all green in colour.

“Why aren’t the pumpkins turning orange this year?” Farmer Ted asked himself, as he scratched his head. “We have had several frosts this month already. They should have turned orange already.”

Farmer Ted went into the house where his wife, Sue, was making breakfast. He loved the smell of bacon and eggs on a cool autumn morning.

“Good morning dear,” said Sue, giving her hard-working husband a kiss on his cheek.

“Where are the Pea Pods?” Farmer Ted asked.

“They are outside in the barn,” said Sue.

“What are they doing in the barn?” asked Farmer Ted.

“They said something about wanting the pumpkins to stay green,” said Sue.

“I see,” laughed Farmer Ted. “Did they say anything else?”

“They asked me if we had any more green paint,” said Sue.

“Green paint? ” asked Farmer Ted.

“They said there was a big white bucket of green paint in the barn,” said Sue.

“That wasn’t green paint,” laughed Farmer Ted. “That was just a green wash.”

Farmer Ted laughed out loud when he realised why his pumpkins were still green. He got up from the kitchen table and went outside to get the hose. He sprayed the pumpkin patch and amazingly the pumpkins turned bright orange. All of a sudden the Pea Pod family stood at the edge of the pumpkin patch crying. Farmer Ted reached down and picked them up in his hands.

“Now what is all the fuss about?” asked Farmer Ted.

“The pumpkins are not green anymore,” cried Mommy Pea Pod.

“Not everything stays green,” said Farmer Ted.

“Really,” said Daddy Pea Pod.

“Yes really,” said Farmer Ted. “The whole world is made up of different colours. Tomatoes start off as green but then turn red. Bananas start off as green but turn yellow.”

“So pumpkins are supposed to be orange?” asked Mommy Pea Pod.

“Yes,” said Farmer Ted.

“What about us?” asked Daddy Pea Pod. “Do we turn a different colour?”

“No,” said Farmer Ted. “You stay green.”

“That is good,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “Green is our favourite colour.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Colour really does not matter.
  • Example: The Pea Pod Family were upset when the pumpkins turned orange.

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