Racum Raccoon Misses the First Day of School

Racum Raccoon wakes up early on the morning of the first day of school. He is so excited. He can hardly contain himself. He loves going to school. He likes his friends and all of his teachers.

“Racum,” said Mother Raccoon, when he came into the kitchen all dressed up in his brand new school clothes. “There is a change of plans today.”

“What change of plans?” asked Racum. “I thought today was the first day of school.”

Racum stood in the middle of the kitchen floor, scratching his head. He was very confused.

“Grandpa is very ill,” said Mother. “We are going to go visit him today.”

“Oh dear,” said Racum, a tear coming to his eyes. “Poor Grandpa.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “We are going to try to convince him to come live with us. It is so hard on him living along since Grandma died.”

There was a knock at the door. It was Freddie Goose, Racum’s friend.

“Good morning Freddie,” said Racum. “I am not going to school today.”

“Is this a joke?” asked Freddie, not believing his friend.

“No joke,” said Racum. “My grandfather is ill and we are going to visit him today to see if he will come and live here with us.”

“Well I am sad about your Grandfather,” said Freddie. “Unfortunately, I do have to go though. I have to go to school now.”

“Freddie,” said Racum, as Freddie was walking out the door. “If there is any homework, can you bring it to me tonight?”

“Will do,” said Freddie, walking down the walkway.

Racum and his parents arrived back home just after dinner with Grandfather. They had just gotten Grandfather settled in and sleeping when Freddie Goose was at the door. Racum had a very small homework assignment to do but more importantly, Freddie told Racum all about all the adventures he had missed on his first day of school.

Freddie told him about the duckling twins and how they wanted to sit beside Racum and were devastated when they found out he wasn’t going to be at school that first day. Freddie also told him about how he almost got to give Melissa Swan a kiss by the swings at recess.

“You almost kissed a girl!” exclaimed Racum, laughing. “I am kind of glad I missed the first day of school now!”

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