The Monster Cloud

The title of this story is kind of funny because I have been writing a lot of stories about monsters and I thought to myself that I would give my monster stories a break. I decided to write about a huge cloud I saw in the sky today and yet, I still managed to get the word monster in the title of this story. So much for giving my monster stories a break.

There have been reports of severe thunder watches today. I has been scorching hot for the past two days. When I saw the severe thunderstorm watch, I thought to myself that it probably won’t happen. That was until I saw the huge monster cloud in the sky.

The monster cloud looked at first like a huge mushroom. I then thought to myself that it really wasn’t that windy out but then I looked over into a field across the road and realized that it was windy, in fact, it was very windy.

While looking at the huge monster cloud it looked like it was getting bigger, a lot bigger. It looked pretty intimidating.

It has been about an hour since I saw the monster cloud and there doesn’t appear to be any rain coming down yet. However, I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance so it could be starting any time now.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and we do tend to get some pretty strange weather. I guess time will tell if we do get a severe thunderstorm.

I do hope we get some rain though because there have been some bad wildfires burning in northern Alberta, in Fort McMurray, and we really don’t want something like that happening around here.

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