Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 11 – The Release

Dear Diary,

Today was a very sad day. The baby robin was strong enough and eating on its own, so I let him go into the wild. I set him on a tree stump in my backyard. I couldn’t bare the thought of him flying away so I just left him there and went back into the house.

The whole time I was walking toward the house, I kept reassuring myself that this was the best thing for the robin. It didn’t make me feel any better though. I missed him terribly.

An hour had passed and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to see if he was alright. When I went back outside to the backyard, I felt a jabbing pain in my chest when I saw that he wasn’t on the stump that I left him on.

Frantically, I searched the grassy area around the stump first, thinking that maybe he had fallen off it. He wasn’t there. I started yelling at myself, blaming myself and telling myself that he was a defenseless baby bird and that there was no way that he could survive. I told myself that I shouldn’t have been so selfish and that I should have waited to see him fly away and to make sure he was going to be okay.

I searched everywhere for him, looking at every tree limb and every fence post. He was nowhere to be found. I went back into the house and sulked knowing that I was responsible for whatever had happened to that poor innocent baby robin. I was not happy with myself at all.

A couple of hours later, Peggy, my dog, started barking like crazy. She was in my kitchen which looked out into the back yard. I got up from my study to check to see what she was barking at. I was shocked to see the baby robin sitting on the window ledge.

I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see anyone or anything as I was to see that sweet little creature. I went over to see him and he flew right up onto my shoulder. I gave him a little pat on the top of his head and he chirped. He then flew up into a tree that was right behind us.

Looking back, I think the baby robin knew I was pretty upset and this was his way of telling me that he was alright. I felt so much better after seeing him.


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