Arrow Meets Lucky

One morning, Arrow, the cutest, fattest, funniest cat in the world came running into the bedroom as fast as he could run. Arrow, even though he is fat, can actually run pretty fast too. He ran so fast that he almost missed the bed and almost landed on the floor. He was panting by the time he reached the bed and not because he was running so fast, but because he was scared.

Arrow was running away from what he saw in the hallway a few minutes earlier. Arrow saw a leprechaun. The leprechaun’s name was Lucky and every single St. Patrick’s Day since Arrow was born, Lucky visits him.

The very first year Arrow saw Lucky, Lucky was actually nice to Arrow but this year, Lucky wanted to bite Arrow. See, last year Arrow was not as big and fat as he is now and Arrow was just a little baby kitten. Arrow actually scared Lucky this year because Lucky was not expecting a big fat cat.

Arrow came back out of the bedroom a few minutes later and took a look up the hallway. He didn’t see Lucky so he ran out to the  living room, again, as fast as he could go. Arrow stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Lucky standing above his Mommy’s head on the back of the couch. There is one thing that Arrow does and does good and that is Arrow will protect his Mommy no matter what. Nobody or nothing will ever bring harm to his Mommy.

Arrow jumped right up on the back of the couch with Lucky. He snarled at Lucky and swat his claws up at him. Lucky jumped down just before Arrow’s claws got him. Arrow jumped down too. Lucky ran away with Arrow following him closely behind. Once Lucky got out of sight of Mommy, Arrow backed off.

Arrow sat watching the hallway for signs of Lucky that whole night. Lucky, however, was pretty afraid of Arrow’s claws and did not want to get hurt so he left. He will come back, but not until next year and he will be ready for those sharp claws. He will make sure he wears armour that will protect him.

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