Easter Eggs

Silly Snake was walking through the forest, on his way home. Along the pathway that he was walking along, he saw some pretty coloured eggs. He bent over to pick one of the eggs up.
“This looks like an Easter egg to me,” said Silly Snake to himself.
Silly Snake stood there thinking about why there would be Easter eggs laying on the forest floor. Then he thought about the time of year it was. It dawned on Silly Snake all of a sudden. It happened to be Easter weekend.
Silly Snake didn’t want to be greedy. He picked up just a few eggs and put them in his pocket. He did notice that one of the eggs was very small and was light blue in colour. He didn’t think anything more of it, but he did put it into his pocket with the other eggs.
Silly Snake kept walking through the forest. He saw Mrs. Robin, crying by her nest.

”What are you crying about?” asked Silly Snake.
“One of my eggs is missing from my nest,” Mrs. Robin sobbed.
“Really,” said Silly Snake. “The only eggs I have ever seen are Easter eggs.”
All of a sudden, Silly Snake heard a faint chirping sound and it seemed to be coming from his pocket. He very carefully put his hand in his pocket and he pulled out a little baby bird.
“Oh look,” said Mrs. Robin. “My baby.”
“Silly Snake,” said Mrs. Robin. ”What are you doing with my baby in your pocket?”
Silly Snake explained to Mrs. Robin about how he found the Easter eggs and how one of them looked different than the rest.
“I would have left it alone if I had have known it was your egg I picked up,” said Silly Snake.
“No,” said Mrs. Robin, giving Silly Snake a hug. “You saved my baby’s life by putting that egg in your pocket. I don’t think it would have survived otherwise.”
“I guess you are right,” said Silly Snake, after thinking about what Mrs. Robin just told him.
“Happy Easter,” said Mrs. Robin.
“You too,” said Silly Snake proudly. “I think this is the best Easter ever.”
“Yes,” said Mrs. Robin, looking at her baby. “It definitely is.”

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