Earth Day

Environment Bug woke up early on the morning of Earth Day. He was very excited. Today, Environment Bug was going to go to the school and he and the students were going to spend the day outdoors, cleaning up the streets and parks.

“Is everyone ready?” asked Environment Bug.

All the students cheered. They were looking forward to spending the day outside. They were also looking forward to doing something for their community.

Environment Bug took a group of the students to the park with him. They all had plastic bags with them and a pair of garden gloves.

“Now,” said Environment Bug. “Please gather around before we start the clean up.”

All the students gathered around except for one. He had already started putting some garbage into his bag.

“You over there,” said Environment Bug. “Please come here and listen to what I have to say. I want everyone to do this safely.”

The boy just happened to pick up a needle that was lying in the grass. Environment Bug quickly went over to the boy and very carefully took the needle away from the boy.

“This is something that none of you should ever pick up,” said Environment Bug, carefully holding the needle up in the air. “If any of you find a needle, please, do not touch it. These are needles left over from people who are drug users. These needles have been inserted into the blood veins of drug users. A person can get hurt if they were to step on the needle or get jabbed by it. Please let me know if you find any more of them.”

The students did find a few more needles in the grassy areas of the park and they told Environment Bug about each one. As Environment Bug was picking the needles up, he noticed a young man standing near a tree close to the grassy area. The young man had a needle in his hand, ready to throw it onto the ground.

“Please don’t throw that onto the ground,” said Environment Bug.

“But where else would you like me to put it?” asked the young man.

“Hmm,” said the Environment Bug, thinking. “I think this park needs a disposal container for them.”

Environment Bug went up to the man and took the needle away from him.

“See,” said the Environment Bug. “Young children may step on these. They are quite dangerous.”

“I never thought of that,” said the young man. “I will be more careful next time.”

Environment Bug and the students that he had with him did an awesome job on cleaning up and, in fact, they did so good that they won an award with a prize of $200. Environment Bug knew exactly what he was going to do with the money. He decided that he would buy some containers so that people could dispose of their needles safely.

The town council was so pleased with what Environment Bug had done that they decided to name the park after him.

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