Easter Love

“Fawn,” said Spot. “Come here, please.”

Fawn didn’t like the sound of Spot’s voice. He went to Spot right away.

“Spot,” cried Fawn. “What is the matter with you?”

“I am sick,” said Spot. ”I think I have the flu.”

“Really,” said Fawn. “Should I call the veterinarian?”

“Yes,” said Spot.

Fawn knew Spot was sick because otherwise she would never have wanted him to call the veterinarian. The veterinarian showed up very quickly because he just happened to be in the neighborhood. Within an hour the veterinarian was finished examining Spot.

“Spot is a very sick cow,” said the veterinarian. “I am afraid that she is going to need plenty of bed rest.”

“What about Easter?” asked Fawn, knowing that this was Easter weekend. “Who is going to get things prepared?”

“It won’t be Spot,” said the veterinarian. “You may have to cancel Easter.”

That was something Fawn did not want to hear. He knew that Spot loved Easter and he knew she was really truly sick if she wasn’t able to plan Easter.

“I know,” said Fawn. “I will plan Easter myself.”

After the veterinarian left, Fawn took all the Easter decorations out and started decorating the barn. It didn’t take very long. Once the barn was decorated, he boiled some eggs and when they had cooled down, he painted them in bright pink and yellow with some green stripes around them.

Fawn let Spot sleep and with the help of the medication that the veterinarian gave her, Spot slept the whole night and most of the next day. Meanwhile, Fawn decided that he would cook an Easter dinner.

It was a good thing that Mrs. Hansen was home and decided to check on Spot. She found Fawn in the kitchen and he was very frustrated. He was trying to peel some potatoes but just wasn’t sure how. Mrs. Hansen was amazed that Fawn had the ham in the oven and had it cooking at the proper temperature.

Mrs. Hansen helped Fawn with the potatoes and she mentioned that he should also have a vegetable cooking as well.

“I don’t like vegetables,” said Fawn.

“But,” asked Mrs. Hansen. “You do want Spot to get better, right?”

“Yes,” said Fawn, taking a can of corn out of the cupboard. “That is true.”

That evening, Spot could smell something cooking and her stomach was grumbling. She hadn’t eaten anything in three days and was very hungry.

“An appetite is a good thing,” said Fawn. “It means you are getting better.”

“Oh,” said Spot. “I am feeling better, much better.”

After Spot was done eating, she noticed all the Easter decorations that Fawn had put up. She was surprised and amazed at all the effort Fawn put in to making Easter so special, when she was so sick.

“Thank you,” said Spot, giving Fawn a big hug and kiss. “That was very nice of you. I really appreciate it.”

The next day, Spot was over the flu completely and decided that she would clean Fawn’s room for him. She went into his room and was surprised to see it was already clean.

“You can just go and relax,” said Fawn, coming into the room and seeing the amazed look on Spot’s face. “I have everything done already.”

“It is no wonder that I love you,” said Spot.

“I love you too,” said Fawn, who suddenly came down with the flu.

“You better go lay down,” said Spot. “I will take care of you.”

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