Arrow’s Adventure

“I want to do something different today,” said Arrow to Ice, who was laying on his mat, chewing on his doggie biscuits.

“Arrow,” said Ice. “You are just a kitten. Kittens don’t get to do anything different.”

“Well,” said Arrow. “Watch me.”

Arrow went into the kitchen and put his paw underneath the cupboard door.

“Arrow,” said Ice. “My biscuits are in that cupboard.”

“I know they are,” said Arrow, swinging the cupboard door open with his paws.

Arrow saw the box of dog biscuits on the shelf in the cupboard. He knocked over the box with his paws. Ice just couldn’t stand it any longer. He came to the kitchen to see what Arrow was doing. Arrow knocked some biscuits over toward Ice. Ice, of course, being a dog didn’t know any better so he started eating them.

“Ice, Arrow,” said Mommy, coming out into the kitchen. “What are you two doing?”

Ice had biscuits in his mouth and Arrow just stood in the middle of the floor looking up at Mommy. Mommy bent down and picked Arrow up in her arms and gave Ice a pet on his head.

“Now,” said Mommy. “I don’t know which one of you did this but I will put the dog biscuits on top of the fridge so either of you can get them.”

Mommy put the dog biscuits on top of the fridge and went to finish doing the laundry. Daddy came home from work and saw the dog biscuits on top of the fridge. He took them off there and put them back in the cupboard.

Arrow saw what Daddy was doing and as soon as Daddy left the kitchen, he didn’t waste any time in getting into the cupboard and knocking the biscuits off onto the floor. He picked up one biscuit in his mouth and started eating it.

“Arrow!” called Mommy, coming up from the basement with a basket of clothes in her arms. “So, it was you that got out the dog biscuits out of the cupboard but who put them back into the cupboard?”

Daddy came back into the kitchen.

“What is going on here with the dog biscuits?” asked Daddy. “I found them on top of the fridge and put them back in the cupboard.”

Mommy told Daddy all about the dog biscuits.

“Arrow!” exclaimed Daddy laughing and petting him on the head. “You are such a silly kitten. Dog biscuits are for doggies, not kittens.”

“Meow!” exclaimed Arrow, jumping down out of Daddy’s arms and going right back to the biscuit on the floor.

“I wonder if you even realize that you are a kitten,” said Daddy, laughing.

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