Magic Rock

A few days ago, I was visiting a friend. He had a magic rock that he kept in his pocket.

“Why do you have a magic rock in your pocket?” I asked him.

“So that good things will come to me,” said my friend.

“Oh,” I said. “I want a magic rock.”

“Well,” said my friend. “We are just going to have to find one for you.”

My friend and I went for a walk along the beach. He spotted a nice shiny rock. He picked it up and handed it to me.

“Here is your magic rock,” he said.

I put the magic rock in my pocket. I could feel the warmth from it so I knew I had a magical rock. Later that day, I took my magic rock out of my pocket and I took a good look at it. It was in the shape of a heart. I told my friend later that day that he had given me a magic rock in the shape of a heart. He said he knew that it was in the shape of a heart and that is why he gave me that particular rock to be my magic rock.

“So now that I got a magic rock,” I said. “What do I do with it?”

“You rub the magic rock with your thumbs,” said my friend. “If you do this, it will take your worries away and your life will be magical.”

I took my magic rock out of my pocket and rubbed it with my thumb. I felt my worries lifting away from me and I felt a little bit of magic come to me when my friend gave me a hug.

“Hmmm,” I said to my friend. “I am thinking I like my magic rock very much.”

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