An Extra Day

Larry Leaper was very busy. He worked at a full-time job for a tire service centre. He also was a part-time manager for an apartment complex.

“There is just no time left for me,” said Larry Leaper. “I work, eat, work some more and sleep. There is no time for me to relax and watch tv or even read.”

Larry Leaper was getting frustrated at the fact that he had no time for himself. It seemed that every time he found five minutes, someone would call or show up at his door.

“I just need a few hours just to myself,” said Larry Leaper.

Larry Leaper then remembered that it was a leap year and on a leap gear, there would be an extra day at the end of February.

“A whole extra day,” said Larry Leaper. “This is wonderful!”

When February 29th did come around, Larry Leaper took that day and spent it to himself. He slept in, didn’t answer the phone or the door. He did whatever he wanted.

“That was a really nice day,” said Larry Leaper, the next morning. “I feel refreshed and can actually focus.”

Larry Leaper decided that every few months he would have a February 29th, a day all to himself.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to take time out for yourself.
  • Example: Larry Leaper was glad it was leap year because he needed an extra day so he could spend it by himself.

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