Golden Snowflake – Character Insight

Golden Snowflake is a character I created for my Winter Story Challenge 2019-2020. I wanted to bring something magical and mystical to an otherwise boring and depressing time of year, winter. I also wanted to create something different for a winter character.

Golden Snowflake is always happy and she creates miracles wherever she goes. We definitely need more happiness and way more miracles with all the tragedy and illnesses we see these days. We also need something to brighten up our winters and make them seem not so harsh. 

Character Pit

Pit Questions and Answers

  1. Which character has a jealous tendency?
    – Golden Snowflake is too pure and innocent to have a jealous tendency. Bright Idea might be the one that has a jealous tendency because he is just like Golden Snowflake, a bright light. However, Golden Snowflake will be in the limelight as people try to catch her.
  2. Which character have I written about the most?
    – I have written about Bright Idea the most because he is an older character.
  3. Which character feels like they are treated fairly?
    – I think Golden Snowflake would think she is treated fairly. Bright Idea might feel this way as well but, he has to start accepting himself first.
  4. Do these two characters like each other?
    – I believe that Bright Idea would not like Golden Snowflake because he is going to see her as a possible threat to him. He was the only Storyland character to have a bright light. Now, he has to share that with Golden Snowflake.
  5. Which character is closer to my heart?
    – I think Golden Snowflake is closer to my heart because she does a lot of good in the world by helping people.
  6. Will I be writing future stories about these two characters?
    – Absolutely!

To sum up the character pit between Golden Snowflake and Bright Idea, I think Golden Snowflake is going to be a celebrity character on Storyland. Bright Idea may not like this idea because he would have liked to have been a celebrity.

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