For the Leap Year Story Challenge 2020, I am going to write 5 stories based on my new Leap Year character, Larry Leaper. I will also write 5 Leap Year stories based on my existing Storyland characters.

Challenge Goals:

  1. Start challenge on January 1, 2020
  2. I will draw my new character, Larry Leaper
  3. I will draw a scene for my new character, Larry Leaper
  4. I will write the “Meet the Character” page and “Character Insight” page for my new character
  5. 5 brand new Leap Year stories based on my new character Larry Leaper
  6. I will complete this challenge before February 29, 2020

Challenge Notes:​

1Start of ChallengeJanuary 1, 2020
CharacterDate CompletedCompleted Link
2.DrawingLarry LeaperJanuary 1, 2020Larry Leaper
3.Scene DrawingLarry LeaperJanuary 1, 2020Larry Leaper Scene
4.Meet the Character page
Character Insight page
Larry LeaperJanuary 2, 20201. Meet Larry Leaper
2. Larry Leaper – Character Insight
5. New Larry Leaper StoriesLarry LeaperJanuary 2, 20201. Larry Leaper
Larry LeaperJanuary 20, 20202. An Extra Day
6.End of Challenge

List of Leap Year Story Challenge 2020 Stories

  1. Larry Leaper - January 2, 2020
  2. An Extra Day - January 20, 2020

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