Leaping and Sweeping

“This is a leap year,” said Larry Leaper, looking at the calendar. “What will I leap over this year?”

Larry Leaper was born on February 29 on leap year so to celebrate the fact that he actually gets to celebrate his birthday on the actual date, he chooses something to leap over.

“I know what I will leap over,” said Larry Leaper, seeing three huge sacks of flour sitting beside his garage. “I will leap over those three sacks of flour.”

Larry Leaper dragged the three sacks of flour out onto his driveway. He was just getting ready to leap over them when he noticed the first bag had a great big hole in it. There was flour all over the driveway. Larry Leaper went inside the house and grabbed the broom. He swept up that bag of flour into a huge pile.

“Now what?” asked Larry Leaper, noticing a huge hole in the bottom corner of the second bag. “It looks like a mouse had been chewing away at this bag of flour.”

Larry  Leaper took the broom and swept that pile of flour up.

“Oh no!” cried Larry Leaper, watching as his wife, Maggie pulled into the driveway and smashed into the third bag of flour. “Now I have nothing to leap over?”

“Oh yes you do,” said Maggie, grabbing the broom and sweeping all the flour into one huge pile.

“You are the best,” said Larry Leaper, leaping over the huge mound of flour and then giving Maggie a kiss.

“Happy Birthday,” said Maggie. “And Happy Leap Year too!”


Moral of this Story:

  • There is usually always an alternative way to fix things.
  • Example: Larry Leaper wanted to leap over three sacks of flour to celebrate Leap Year and his birthday but the first two had holes in them and his wife ran into the third one with her car. His wife swept all the flour into one huge pile so he could leap over that.

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