Missy Big Words – Hibernation

“Daddy, let’s go outside and play,” said Missy Big Words.

“Maybe tomorrow,” said Daddy. “I really don’t want to go outside today. It is very cold outside and it is going to snow.”

“I think you are in hibernation,” laughed Missy Big Words. “Hey, hibernation is a big word.”

“Hibernation is a big word,” said Daddy. “Do you know what it means?”

“Yes,” said Missy Big Words. “Hibernation is what some animals do in the winter. They go into their dens and they sleep until spring.”

“You are right,” said Daddy. “I am so proud of you. Now, I think the animals that are in hibernation have the right idea. I am going to go have a nap until spring.”

“I would like to do that as well,” said Missy Big Words. “I think those animals are very smart.”

Daddy and Missy Big Words both had a nap for as a few hours.

“I thought you were in hibernation until spring,” laughed Missy Big Words, seeing Daddy in the kitchen eating, when she got up from her nap.

“I would have,” said Daddy. “But I was hungry. I don’t know how those animals can go all winter without eating. I can’t go one afternoon without eating.”

“Me either,” laughed Missy Big Words. “I am hungry too.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Even though we would like to hibernate, humans can’t.
  • Example: Missy Big Words and her father thought they could hibernate but they both got hungry after a couple of hours of napping.

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