Almost Late for Groundhog Day

Silly Groundhog was sound asleep in his nice comfortable bed. He had his head on his most fluffiest pillow and he had the thickest comforter wrapped over him. He was dreaming that he was on a warm island and he was dripping his paws in some cool ocean water.

Silly Groundhogs plan was to stay in bed until Groundhog Day, which was February 2. Then he would get up, go outside to check to see if he sees his shadow or not and then he was going to come back to bed.

He had everything all planned out but, Silly Groundhog did forget the one most important thing. He forgot to set his alarm clock.

Groundhog Day came and Silly Groundhog was sound asleep. There was a crowd of people outside his den, waiting to see if he was going to see his shadow. They wanted to know if there was going to be six more weeks of winter or if they were going to be lucky and have an early spring.

“Where is that silly groundhogs?” one person shouted. “I want an early spring so I hope he doesn’t see his shadow.”

“It is freezing out here,” said another person. “I really hope he comes out soon.”

Silly Groundhog continued to sleep. It wasn’t until the people were screaming and yelling that he finally woke up.

“Oh dear!” Silly Groundhog cried, when he looked over at the calendar on his wall.” It is Groundhog Day. I must have forgot to set my alarm.”

Silly Groundhog got up and quickly splashed some water on his face. He then came out of his den. The crowd of people cheered when they saw him.

“Look,” said one person. “He didn’t see his shadow. We are going to have an early spring.”

The crowd of people were so happy. They clapped and cheered. Silly Groundhog was pretty tired. He yawned and his yawn scared him so he went back down into his hole.

“Where is he going?” asked one person. “Did he see his shadow after all?”

“No,” laughed another person. “He yawned and scared himself.”

“Silly groundhog!” everyone laughed.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t forget to set your alarm.
  • Example: Silly Groundhog forgot to set his alarm clock and was almost late for Groundhog Day.

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