A Golden Winter Day

Six year old Jamie had just come from seeing his doctor. His parents were very upset. Jamie was quite ill and he was in need of a miracle.

“It is snowing,” said Jamie, looking out the window of the car.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “It sure is.”

Daddy pulled into the driveway and when Jamie got out of the car, he noticed a bright light in the sky. Jamie stood there and watched the bright light. It soon turned into a golden snowflake and then soon after that, everything turned gold.

Jamie reached out his hand and he caught the golden snowflake in his hand, before it hit the ground.

“Are you here to cure me?” asked Jamie, as Mommy and Daddy stood watching him in awe. “Are you my miracle?”

“Absolutely,” said the golden snowflake. “My name is Golden Snowflake. On your next visit to your doctor, your doctor is going to tell you that you are cured.”

“This is the best news ever,” said Jamie.

“You also have been given hands of gold,” said Golden Snowflake. “You will be able to cure others with your hands.”

“I want to be a surgeon when I grow up,” said Jamie.

“That is an excellent choice,” said Golden Snowflake.

“I am so happy now,” said Jamie.

“We are too,” cried Jamie’s parents. “This is the best news ever!”


Moral of this Story:

  • If you are given a gift, use it to help others.
  • Example: Jamie wanted to use his new gift of golden hands so that he could become a surgeon and help others.

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