There once lived a large reptile that had a short, broad head and a blunt snout. This reptile lived in the fresh waters of Florida. He was an alligator and his name was Snap.

Snap got his name because of the fact that he loved to snap at everything in sight. Snap would play in the cool waters all day. He would swish his long tail back and forth.

A frog swam by Snap and of course, Snap opened his powerful jaws and “SNAP!”. Luckily for the frog, Snap missed.

“Whew!” said the frog. “That was close.”

The frog hopped quickly away.

A few minutes later, a lizard came along. Snap eyed the lizard for a very long time before he snapped at him. Luckily for the lizard, Snap missed him, too.

“Whew!” said the lizard. “That was a close call.”

The lizard slithered away, as quickly as he could.

Next, a snake was sitting on the shore. The snake was laughing at Snap.

“Ha! Ha!” laughed the snake. “What’s the matter, Snap? Are you losing your touch?”

“Oh,” said Snap, angrily. “This just isn’t my day. I’ll get the next thing that comes along. You just watch this.”

“I’ll race you,” said the snake. “Look, here comes a bird. Whoever gets the bird first, wins. The winner will become the king of the swamp.”

“Oh,” laughed Snap. “This should be easy.”

The bird soared right in front of Snap’s nose. Up came the powerful jaws. “SNAP!” Luckily for the bird, Snap missed.

“Ha! Ha!” laughed the snake. “Looks like I’m King of the Swamp!”

“No, you’re not,” said Snap. “You still have to get the bird.”

“Oh that just a formality now,” said the snake.

The bird swooped down within inches of the snakes mouth. Luckily for the bird, the snake missed.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” laughed Snap.

“Ha! Ha! yourself,” said the snake.

“Well,” said Snap. “Who is the king of the swamp, now?”

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