The Easter Bunny’s Twin Brother

Easter was fast approaching. The Easter Bunny was down in his den. He was preparing all the chocolates and candies that he would be handing out to all the boys and girls that had been good.

Deep down in another den on the other side of the forest, was another bunny. This bunny was the Easter Bunny’s twin brother. His name was Freddy.

Freddy was jealous of his twin brother because of all the publicity and fame that he had been receiving. The Easter Bunny had always been a good little bunny. He had never caused any trouble. However, Freddy was another story. He had been nothing but trouble from the day he was born. In fact, he had caused so much trouble that his parents had abandoned him. The Easter Bunny never knew that he had a twin brother. As far as he knew, he was an only child.

“I can make a better Easter basket than my twin brother,” Freddy remarked to himself, one day. “I know what children want for Easter. They are getting tired of chocolate and candy. They want something different.”

Over the next few days, Freddy went to work. He made little racing cars for the boys and he made fancy little dresses for the girls. He worked very hard and he managed to have everything ready just in time.

The Easter Bunny delivered his Easter chocolates and candy to all the boys and girls on his list. Freddy followed closely behind and delivered his gifts.

On Easter morning, the children loved their special surprises. They sat down right away and wrote thank you letters to the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny was very surprised when he read the thousands of letters that he had received. The children were not only thanking him for the usual chocolates and candies that he had given them, but they were also thanking him for the racing cars and the fancy dresses.

“What is going on here?” the Easter Bunny asked himself. “I didn’t leave the children any toys or clothing. I left them chocolates and candies. Toys and clothing, eh. Um, what a wonderful idea!”

Since the Easter Bunny was a very honest bunny, he decided that he would find out who had come up with the wonderful idea. He did not want to steal anyone’s idea.

The next Easter, the Easter Bunny went to work as usual. He delivered a lot of fine chocolate Easter eggs and brightly coloured candies to all the children. When he came to the very last house, he hid behind a rocking chair instead of going home. In about fifteen minutes, another bunny entered the house. He had a basket with him. The Easter Bunny saw the bunny take a beautiful dress out of the basket. Then, the bunny took a wooden fire engine out of the basket.

“Who are you?” asked the Easter Bunny, coming out from behind his hiding place.

“Oh,” said Freddy. “Hi! I’m your twin brother, Freddy.”

“My twin brother!” exclaimed the Easter Bunny. “That’s impossible.”

Freddy told the Easter Bunny his whole sad story.

“Why did I have to be such a bad bunny?” Freddy cried. “Why couldn’t I have been more like you?”

“Freddy,” said the Easter Bunny. “You are like me.”

“No,” said Freddy. “I’m mean and cruel. You are kind and gentle.”

“That’s not true,” said the Easter Bunny. “Look at all the toys and pretty dresses that you have made for the children. Anybody that can do all that is not mean. What you have done is a very unselfish act of kindness.”

“Really,” said Freddy.

“Really,” said the Easter Bunny. “You have brought so much joy to the children with your gifts.”

The Easter Bunny showed Freddy one of the letters that he had received. Tears came to Freddy’s eyes when he read it.

“Wow!” said Freddy. “They really like the things I made for them!”

“Yes, twin brother,” said the Easter Bunny. “They do. Now, what do you say we go into business together. You can continue making all your gifts and I’ll continue to make the chocolate and the candies.”

“Great idea!” said Freddy.

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