Easter Egg Hunt

“I hear voices,” said E. Egg. “I hear lots of voices.”

E. Egg was taking a walk with his friend, Jamie in Thunder Bay, Ontario. E. Egg is always afraid when he hears voices at Easter because he is afraid people will catch him in an Easter egg hunt.

“Those voices are just people going shopping,” said Jamie.

“Are you sure?” asked E. Egg. “I will go run and hide in the field of tall grass over there.”

“I am sure,” said Jamie.” I will let you know if you need to hide.”

“Thank you,” said E. Egg. “I appreciate it.”

“I will take care of you,” said Jamie.

E. Egg and Jamie continued their walk. It was a beautiful Easter day. E. Egg and Jamie were enjoying their walk. A few minutes later, E. Egg and Jamie heard voices. Jamie took E. Egg by the hand and they ran to a field with tall grass.

“Those voices were of people who were on an Easter egg hunt,” explained Jamie, when she saw the confused look on E. Egg’s face. “You will be safe here.”

Jamie stayed with E. Egg until the people were gone. She didn’t want anything to happen to him. After all, he was her best friend and she was his.


Moral of this Story:

  • Friends help friends.
  • Example: Jamie helped E. Egg get to a safe place in the field of tall grass when she saw a group of people who were on an Easter egg hunt.

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