Police Report – Day 21

Finally some action on the grounds where the stage is. Colour Kid and I saw Vamp and Victor enter the grounds around noon. I spoke to them. They received tickets in the mail, just like the others. There was no return address on the envelope. They are here for the big event that is to take place here tomorrow.

The Gum Drop Family, Storm Angel and Subway Sam also showed up. They received tickets too. They are also here for the big event. I crossed everyone in this report off my list of suspects.

I did notice my name is still on the list. I crossed it off because I am not a suspect either.

NOTE: There is now only one name left on the list, if you played along correctly. Email this name to me-and arrow@hotmail.com before midnight tonight, for your chance to win a printed copy of the book “Where the Heck are Jesse and JD?” plus 6 Storyland Trading Cards. There will be a final report posted after midnight tonight with the name of the character Jesse and JD are with. Also, the name of the winner will be posted as well. GET YOUR GUESSES IN TO ME AT me_and_arrow@hotmail.com BEFORE MIDNIGHT!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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