Police Report – Day 22 – The Day of Reckoning

Neon Cop and all Storyland characters, except one, were standing around the stage area, when a truck pulled up to the stage. Several men got out of the truck. They started unloading huge speakers, microphones and other musical equipment. It was evident that this hot event was going to be a concert.

I talked to the men. None of them knew who hired them and none of them could tell me who was going to be playing.

Once the men had finished setting up the stage, a long black limousine pulled up. Jesse and JD and one more Storyland character got out of the limo.

“Taylor!” Neon Cop cried. “What the heck is going on? Are you responsible for the disappearance of Jesse and JD? You told me you had important business to take care of.”

“Just a sec,” said Taylor. “I will explain everything.”

“You’d better,” said Cutie, making her way to the stage.

Taylor ran up onto the stage and started speaking into the microphone.

“Good afternoon,” said Taylor. “I am Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters!”

Everyone gasped. A lot of characters knew Taylor looked like Taylor Hawkins but they had no idea he really was him. Another limo pulled up to the stage and Dave, Pat and other members of the Foo Fighters joined the stage. Jesse and JD grabbed microphones.

“Hello everyone!” JD shouted. “We hope we haven’t caused too much stress with our disappearance but we have always wanted to play in a rock band. We figured out who Taylor really was and he was kind enough to take us under his wings and help us. This is our new rock band,” The Day of Reckoning!”

“Yes,” shouted Taylor. “This is the Day of Reckoning!”

The crowd was stunned. Not one of them were expecting this. Cutie and Neon Cop didn’t know what to say.

“We would like to call Billy Troll up on stage to play guitar and the girls in the band, Just Girlz to come up and be our backup vocalists,” said Taylor.

Once they were all on stage, Taylor took his place on the drums. Jesse and JD both started dancing while the rest of the Foo Fighters took their places. Then, Dave, Billy, Jesse and JD all started singing a brand new song Jesse and JD had written called, “The Day of Reckoning!”

The day of reckoning is here
Let’s all shout and cheer
We wanted to have our own band
And sing our hearts out in Storyland

The crowd went crazy and they all joined in.

“Looks like you did it,” said Taylor to Jesse and JD, after the event was over. “You are now rock stars!”

“So you two were never really missing,” said Neon Cop to Jesse and JD.

“No,” said Jesse.” We were with Taylor the whole time.”

“We couldn’t tell anyone what we were doing,” said JD. “We had to stay focused.”

“We didn’t mean to alarm anyone,” said Taylor. “We wanted this to be a surprise.”

“That, it definitely was,” said Neon Cop. “I am just glad this investigation is now over.”

Cutie went up to JD and gave him a hug. She was glad he was okay.

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