Easter Reflections – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 30

Victor sat alone in his house in Calgary, Alberta. It was Easter weekend.

“I fondly remember the Easters I used to have with my two children, Emily and Joshua,” thought Victor, as he reminisced about Easters’ past. “My, that was over 160 years ago!”

Victor is a monster that is 200 years old. He was turned into a monster by a spell that was put on him 160 years ago. Because of that spell, Victor’s wife left him and took their two children with her. He never saw them again.

Victor still had very vivid memories of his life before the spell. He remembered Emily was all dressed in a pretty Easter dress. Joshua had chocolate all over his hands and he gave Emily a big hug. Victor remembered that Emily was so angry with Joshua, until he promised to share the rest of his chocolate with her.

He remembered the Easter when Emily made Victor a ceramic Easter egg. Victor had just put it up on the fireplace mantle when Joshua came in the room throwing a rubber ball around. That was the end of the Easter egg.

As he was reminiscing, he didn’t hear a knock at his door.

“David!” exclaimed Victor, seeing his great-great-great-great-grandson standing in his hallway.

“I rang the doorbell several times,” said David.

“I was reminiscing about Easters past,” said Victor.

“I have come to ask if you would like to have Easter dinner with us,” said David.

“I would love to,” said Victor.

At the Easter dinner table, Victor told David and his mother, Isabella, about his memories of Easter. Both David and Isabella loved the stories and were grateful that Victor has such fond memories of Easter so long ago.


Moral of this Story:

  • Easter in the past can bring lots of good memories.
  • Example: Victor is able to recall Easter’s of over 160 years ago. He has some fond memories to reminisce about.

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