Lost Christmas Tree

“Look at the beautiful Christmas tree,” said Mr. Edwards, who was visiting a Christmas tree lot in Kelowna, BC.

“It is gorgeous,” said Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Edwards’ wife. “They have this one all decorated already. This would be a perfect Christmas tree for the Christmas Building.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Edwards. “It would.”

Mr. Edwards talked to the owner of the Christmas tree lot. He bought the tree, fully decorated and gave him the address to where he wanted the tree delivered to.

“I know that building quite well,” said the owner of the lot. “That is the Christmas Building.”

“It is,” said Mr. Edwards. “We own the building and several Storyland characters have decided to spend Christmas there.”

“It sounds like a very special building,” said the owner of the lot

“Thank you,” said Mr. Edwards.

The owner of the Christmas tree lot had two of his employees load the Christmas tree onto the truck and had them deliver the tree to the Christmas Building. The two employees were rather new and they ended up dumping the Christmas tree off about a block from the Christmas Building.

“Oh dear,” said the Christmas tree to himself, as he watched the delivery truck drive away. “I am a lost Christmas tree. I need to find the Christmas Building.”

About an hour later, Lost Christmas Tree found himself standing outside of the Christmas Building. He became overwhelmed when he realized the Christmas Building had 22 apartments in it.

“I need to find the apartment I am going to be spending Christmas in,” said Lost Christmas Tree, with tears in his eyes.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is not good to have inexperienced workers deliver special goods.
  • Example: The owner of the Christmas tree lot sent two inexperienced workers to deliver Lost Christmas Tree to the Christmas Building. They ended up delivering him a block away.

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