Lil’ Rebel is Thankful for her Family

“That is strange,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Pattie doesn’t want to play with me.”

Lil’ Rebel’s younger sister, Pattie, usually always jumps at the chance to play with her older sister. However, she did not want to this time.

“That is strange,” said Mother, getting up from her desk to check to make sure Pattie was alright.”

“Are you okay?” said Mother, finding Pattie laying down on the bed. “Lil’ Rebel said you didn’t want to play with her today. That is not like you.”

“I don’t feel well,” said Pattie.

Mother felt Pattie’s forehead. It felt clammy to the touch. She took Pattie’s temperature and she did have a slight fever. Mother went downstairs to get some aspirin for her.

“What is wrong with Pattie?” asked Lil’ Rebel.

“She has a slight fever,” said Mother.

“I bet she is just trying to get out of going to school tomorrow,” said Lil’ Rebel.

“That would not be possible,” said Mother. “There is no school tomorrow.”

“Oh,” said Lil’ Rebel, feeling bad for what she said.

Pattie was very sick. Mother took her to the doctor and it turned out she had the flu. She was feeling a little better by dinner time on Thanksgiving Day so she did come down to the dinner table and she did eat a little bit.

“What is everyone thankful for this Thanksgiving?” asked Father, as he carved up the turkey.

“I am thankful for our family,” said Lil’ Rebel. “I am very thankful that Pattie is feeling better.”

“That is so very nice of you,” said Mother. “Thank you Lil’ Rebel.”

“Yes,” said Pattie. “Thank you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to say something mean about someone.
  • Example: Lil’ Rebel said something about her sister, Pattie that was mean but then she felt bad when she found out Pattie was sick.
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