Jayden is Thankful for the Wildflowers

It was a beautiful autumn morning. Jayden had just put her turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving. She looked over at her dining room table and she thought it needed something colourful to spice it up.

“I think I need to go pick some colourful autumn flowers,” thought Jayden.

Jayden grabbed her jacket and stepped outside. It was sunny and warm.

“What a beautiful day it is,” said Jayden to herself as she breathed in the fresh air.

Jayden headed up the gravel road and just around the bend was a trail. She decided she would walk along the trail.

Right away, Jayden spotted a small field of bright white daisies. She picked a few of those. Then she spotted some asters that had a violet hue to them. She picked several of those. She continued walking along the trial and came across some vibrant yellow dandelions.

Jayden looked at the colours of the wildflowers in her hand. She was very pleased with her choices so she went back home and put the wildflowers in a vase on her dining room table. The wildflowers added the right amount of colour.

“I am thankful for the wildflowers,” said Jayden, smiling. “They really did brighten up my table.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to appreciate nature.
  • Example: Jayden wanted something colourful for her Thanksgiving dinner table.
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