Meet Chester Chipmunk

Welcome to the Meet Chester Chipmunk page. Chester Chipmunk is a character I created in 1994. He was one of the first characters I wrote about. Living in a rural area of Eastern Ontario, I got to see a lot of chipmunks. I was always fascinated by them. They are small and very adorable.

I love animals very much. I have seen lots of different wild animals both big and small on my many travels throughout Canada. I have seen chipmunks in Ontario and also in British Columbia. The chipmunks I saw in British Columbia were actually smaller than the ones in Ontario.

I think I love their stripes on their backs and their faces the most. They are so adorable and cute.

Chester Chipmunk is an Ontario chipmunk. He lives in a hole in a tree. He has a sister, Suzie, whom he adores very much. He looks out for her and protects her.


Fact Card for Chester Chipmunk:

  • Date Created: December 15, 1994
  • City of Residence: Sharbot Lake, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Chipmunk
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Cute and Adorable
  • Favourite Quote: “I will collect acorns tomorrow!”

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