Pirate Pete’s Mother’s Day at Sea

Pirate Pete was cleaning up his ship one cool, misty morning. He wanted to get the ship cleaned up before his crew woke up. His crew never seemed to get the ship as clean as he could so, when he wanted the ship to sparkle and shine, he cleaned it himself.

Once the ship was cleaned the way he liked it, he wanted to go on another treasure hunt. He had heard that there was some buried treasure about five hundred miles off the coast of Vancouver Island. He knew he would have to leave as soon as he could, before anyone else came along and found the spot before he did. Being a successful pirate meant that he had to be the first one to get to the treasure.

“Come on Slappy and Rusty,” said Pirate Pete, going below deck to wake up his crew. “Come on. It is a good day to get this old ship into the water. We have a treasure chest to find.”

“Boss,” said Slappy. ‘ ‘We can’t set sail today.”

“And why can’t we?” asked Pirate Pete angrily. “This is my ship and I will be the one to say when we set sail. Now, come on! Let’s get this adventure underway.”

“There is a very good reason we can’t sail today,” said Rusty.

“I see,” said Pirate Pete angrily. “And what is that very good reason?”

“Well,” said Rusty. “It is Mother’s Day.”

“Oh dear,” said Pirate Pete, feeling really bad. “I had forgotten all about that. We can’t set sail and not celebrate with our Mother’s. Or, can we?”

“Have you gone mad?” asked Slappy. “Our Mothers would never forgive us if we didn’t celebrate with them.”

“Yes,” said Rusty. “You know that we don’t need any angry mothers.”

“What I meant was,” explained Pirate Pete. “We take the mothers with us. We celebrate Mother’s Day with them on the ship.”

Slappy and Rusty thought long and hard about what Pirate Pete had just said. They kind of liked the idea.

“I know my mother has always wanted to see the ship and see what it is I do for a living,” said Slappy.

“Mine too,” said Rusty.

“Okay,” said Pirate Pete. “It is settled then. Let’s go get our mothers and get this ship into the water.”

Pirate Pete and his crew brought their mothers onto the ship. The mothers were overjoyed. They had always wanted to see what their sons were up to.

“Look at how clean this ship is,” said Pirate Pete’s mother. “I am so impressed.”

“Thank you,” said Pirate Pete. “I like to keep a clean ship.”

Pirate Pete presented each Mother with a dozen roses that he had picked up at the florist on the way to pick up his mother. Each mother thanked him and gave him a big hug and kiss.

Rusty and Slappy prepared a big buffet breakfast for everyone. It had everything the mothers loved to eat. They even did all the dishes afterward.

“I don’t think I have ever been so spoiled,” said Slappy’s mother.

“Me either,” said Rusty’s mother.

“I think this is the best Mother’s Day ever,” said Pirate Pete’s mother. “I feel like a princess.”

“You are all princesses,” said Pirate Pete. “And to show you just how much of a princess you are and how much each one of you mean to us, you can each choose a treasure from our treasure chests.”

“Oh dear!” cried Pirate Pete’s mother. “I would love a pearl necklace.”

“Wonderful,” said Pirate Pete. “We are sailing right towards where a treasure chest is buried.”

“Why don’t you boys go find your treasure chest?” said Pirate Pete’s mother. “I don’t know about the rest of the mothers but, I could sure use a nap.”

Rusty and Slappy’s mothers were tired as well.

Pirate Pete and the crew were ecstatic. They quickly went below deck to get ready for their treasure hunt, before the mothers changed their minds.

When the mothers woke up from their naps, Pirate Pete and his crew were back from their treasure hunt. They had a huge treasure chest on deck. The mothers all picked a treasure from the treasure chest, just as Pirate Pete had promised them they could. Pirate Pete’s mother did find a beautiful pearl necklace.

“I feel like a princess,” said Pirate Pete’s mother, putting the necklace on.

“Yes,” said Pirate Pete. “You definitely are a princess. Happy Mother’s Day.”

The mothers had the best Mother’s Day ever. Their sons catered to their every need that whole day. They enjoyed themselves immensely.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes we have to take a break from work and be with our loved ones.
  • Example: Pirate Pete decided to bring the mother’s onto the ship for Mother’s Day.

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