Trickster’s Winter Trick

“Frannie,” said Trickster, going into his oldest sister’s bedroom to wake her up. “It is sunny and warm outside. Wake up so we can go play outside.”

Frannie rolled over and went back to sleep. Trickster knew that he wouldn’t be able to wake her up so, he went over to his friend’s house, Fred Fox.

“It is very cold,” said Trickster to himself as he walked to Fred Fox’s house. “Frannie would have been angry with me for telling her it was warm outside.”

Trickster liked to play tricks on his friends and family. Most of the time his tricks would end with him being in trouble or someone being mad at him. However, that doesn’t stop him.

“What are you doing inside?” asked Trickster, when his friend, Fred Fox, opened up the door to his den. “It is a beautiful day outside. Winter is over.”

As soon as Trickster left to go home, Fred Fox got on the phone and called all his forest friends to tell them winter was over. All the animals believed him and they all came out of hibernation. It didn’t take long before they realized it was still winter and that it wasn’t warm outside at all. It was bitterly cold.

“I bet Trickster was playing one of his tricks on me,” said Fred Fox, after hearing many complaints about the fact that it is still winter.

Fred Fox thought about playing a trick on Trickster to get back at him but then he thought about it some more and he realized that would not be a good thing to do. Instead, he went over to Trickster’s house and talked to him the next day.

“That wasn’t a very nice trick you played on me yesterday,” said Fred Fox.

“I thought it was funny,” said Trickster.

“All the animals that were hibernating yesterday didn’t think it was so funny,” said Fred Fox. “They all came out of their dens and then they realized it was still winter. They were not very happy.”

“Oh,” said Trickster, realizing the damage his trick caused. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Please don’t play those kind of tricks anymore,” said Fred Fox.

“I won’t,” said Trickster, feeling bad about what he had done. “I promise.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to play tricks on your friends.
  • Example: Trickster told his friend, Fred Fox, that winter was over. Fred told the other animals and they came out of hibernation.

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