Subway Sam’s Freezing Subway Ride

Subway Sam took the subway to work on a very cold winter morning. Usually the subway trains are warm but not on this particular morning.

“It is so cold,” shivered Subway Sam.

Subway Sam looked across from where he was sitting and he saw a little girl sitting there. She looked very cold and she was shivering.

“Little girl,” said Subway Sam, taking off his winter coat and wrapping it around the little girl. “You look very cold. Here, take my coat.”

“Thank you sir,” said the little girl’s mother. “Alicia is not feeling well. I am taking her to the doctor. The coldness of this subway is not helping her. I truly appreciate your kind gesture.”

“I am going to find the transit operator and find out what is happening with the heat,” said Subway Sam.

It took Subway Sam several minutes to walk to the front car where the transit operator was.

“What is going on with the heat?” asked Subway Sam. “The subway cars are freezing.”

“Oh,” said the transit operator. “I am sorry. I didn’t realize that. Someone probably switched it off by mistake.”

The transit operator looked at all the switches and he noticed the heat switch was turned off. He turned it on and in a few minutes it was considerably warmer.

“Thank you,” said Subway Sam.

“Thank you for bringing it to our attention,” said the transit operator.

Subway Sam went back to his seat. He was very happy to see Alicia was much warmer.

“Here is your coat back,” said Alicia’s mother as they were getting ready to get off the subway. “You are a very kind man. Thank you so much.”

“I am just glad that Alicia was able to warm up,” said Subway Sam, waving goodbye.

“Thank you sir,” said Alicia.

“You are very welcome,” said Subway Sam, smiling at her.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to help those in need.
  • Example: Alicia was very sick. There was no heat on the subway so Subway Sam offered her his coat so she could stay warm.

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