Pea Pod’s Want a Green Valentine’s Day

“Thank you,” said Sue, Farmer Ted’s wife. “These roses are beautiful.”

Farmer Ted gave Sue a hug and a kiss.

“I am glad you like them,” said Farmer Ted. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“What beautiful flowers!” exclaimed Mommy Pea Pod, who was sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Yes,” said Sue. “They are.”

Sue went into the living room with Farmer Ted.

“There is so much red in these flowers,” thought Mommy Pea Pod to herself, taking a good look at them. “However, look at the beautiful green stems and leaves on them.”

“They are a beautiful deep green colour,” said Daddy Pea Pod, who had just come into the kitchen.

The Pea Pod family are actually green peas that came to life. Farmer Ted and Sue have taken them into their home and have treated them like their own children. Because the Pea Pods are green peas, they want everything to be green. Green is their favourite colour. It is the only colour for them.

Mommy Pea Pod saw a pair of scissors on the counter. She picked them up and was just about to snip the red rose off the stem when Sue just happened to come into the kitchen just at that moment.

“What is going on?” asked Sue, taking the scissors away from Mommy Pea Pod. “What are you doing to my roses?”

“There is too much red colour in them,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“I see,” said Sue. “I know you don’t like any other colours but green. However, the world needs other colours. I don’t like the colour pink but that doesn’t mean I want to go around and get rid of everything that is pink.”

“I am sorry,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“It is okay,” said Sue. “I know you weren’t trying to destroy my flowers on purpose.”

“No,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “I would never do that.”

“I have something for you,” said Sue, taking a pink handkerchief out of her pocket and wrapping it loosely around Mommy Pea Pod’s neck.

“Oh,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “It is beautiful.”

“It looks really nice on you,” said Sue. “It goes really well with your green colour.”

Mommy Pea Pod looked at her reflection in the toaster. She had to agree with Sue. It did look good on her.

“Maybe I need to stop being so persistent on making everything green,” said Mommy Pea Pod.

“I agree,” said Daddy Pea Pod. “I kind of like the colour of that handkerchief on you.”

Daddy Pea Pod gave Mommy Pea Pod a kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Daddy Pea Pod.

“Thank you,” said Mommy Pea Pod. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.”

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