Tiki Bug’s Winter Smile

“Stephanie,” said Mother, who was washing the breakfast dishes. “Please hurry up and eat. You are going to be late for school.”

“I am trying to eat as quickly as I can,” said Stephanie, taking a huge bite of her scrambled eggs.

Just as she was going to take another bite, Stephanie noticed her friend, Tiki Bug, sitting on the edge of her plate.

“Tiki Bug,” said Stephanie. “What are you doing here?”

Tiki Bug was a very special friend of Stephanie’s. Tiki Bug shows up when Stephanie is sad. Her job is to make Stephanie smile.

“I am here to help you,” said Tiki Bug.

“But,” said Stephanie, confused. “I don’t need to smile. I am already smiling.”

“Well,” said Tiki Bug. “I think you should look outside.”

“No!” screamed Stephanie at the top of her lungs when she was that it was snowing outside.

“What is wrong?” Mother asked when she heard the scream.

“Today is the school play,” said Stephanie.

“Oh dear,” said Mother. “There will not be any school today.”

“I have the lead part in our school play,” said Stephanie, crying. “What am I going to do?”

“I think that is why I am here,” said Tiki Bug. “I am here to help you because you are upset about not being able to be in the school play because of the weather.”

“That must be,” said Stephanie. “So, how are you going to help me?”

“Well,” said Tiki Bug. “First of all, I am sure that the play will be rescheduled.”

“Yes of course it will,” said Mother.

“Second,” said Tiki Bug. “Why don’t you perform your part in the play for your Mother and I?”

“Good idea,” said Stephanie, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Stephanie stood in the middle of the kitchen floor and performed her part of the play. She almost forgot one part of the script so she did have to stop and read it over again but other than that she did a perfect job.

“That was great!” exclaimed Mother and Tiki Bug, both clapping.

“I am grateful for the extra practice,” said Stephanie, smiling. “I did almost forget one part. That was a great idea, Tiki Bug.”

Stephanie looked around her. Tiki Bug was gone.

“Where is Tiki Bug?” asked Stephanie.

“She made you smile,” said Mother. “Her job is done for today.”

Stephanie went to school the next morning. She performed the lead role in the play that afternoon and her performance was perfect.

“Good job sweetheart,” said Mother, who took time off work so she could see the play. “You did that perfectly.”

“Thank you,” said Stephanie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to smile.
  • Example: Tiki Bug helps Stephanie smile when she is sad. Stephanie is upset when she sees it is snowing because she is supposed to be in the school play.

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