Mr. Nailhead and the Valentine’s Day Wreath

“It is Valentine’s Day in another week,” said Mr. Rodgers, sitting in his office.

“Thanks for the reminder,” said Stephen, his employee. “I need to buy some roses for my wife.”

“Didn’t you get her roses last Valentine’s Day?” asked Mr. Rodgers.

“Yes,” said Steven. “It is what makes her happy. Speaking of last year’s Valentine’s Day, do you remember the wreath the town council had hung in the dance hall?”

“I do remember hearing something about it,” said Mr. Rodgers. “Didn’t it fall on the head of the mayor?”

“That is right,” said Steven. “The mayor was pretty upset about it.”

“Are they going to have another wreath this Valentine’s Day?” asked Mr. Rodgers.

“Yes,” said Steven. “But they are looking for a better way to secure it.”

“I have just the thing,” said Mr. Rodgers.

Mr. Rodgers went into his safe and took out a special case.

“Mr. Nailhead,” said Steven, recognizing what was in the special case. “He would be perfect.”

Mr. Rodgers had found Mr. Nailhead in a pile of rusted nails. Mr. Nailhead was a very important nail. He is made of very expensive steel. Mr. Rodgers saves Mr. Nailhead for important jobs.

Mr. Rodgers took Mr. Nailhead to the dance hall when the town council was getting ready to hang this year’s Valentine’s Day wreath. He handed Mr. Nailhead to the mayor.

“I guarantee this year’s wreath will not fall on your head if you hang it up with Mr. Nailhead,” said Mr. Rodgers.

“Well,” said the mayor. “I do appreciate this very much.”

Mr. Nailhead was very happy that he was chosen for such an important job. He made sure the wreath stayed in place.

“Thank you,” said the mayor, the day after Valentine’s Day, when Mr. Rodgers came to pick up Mr. Nailhead. “It was nice to have the wreath stay in place and not fall on my head. Mr. Nailhead did a wonderful job.”

Mr. Rodgers was very proud of Mr. Nailhead.

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