Father’s Day Picnic

“Troll Mother,” said Troll Brother. “When is Father’s Day?”

“This Sunday,” said Troll Mother.

“That’s only a few days away,” said Troll Brother.

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “It is coming up quick.”

Troll Sister walked into the kitchen with Troll Baby trailing behind her.

“What is this Sunday?” asked Troll Sister.

“Father’s Day!” exclaimed Troll Brother.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Troll Sister. “What are we going to do for Troll Daddy?”

“How about a nice picnic?” asked Troll Mother.

”Yes picnic!” exclaimed Troll Baby, happily.

“A picnic sounds like fun,” said Troll Brother.

“Yes,” said Troll Sister. “Troll Mother, I will help you with the food.”

“Me too!” said Troll Baby.

“You will be a big help, Troll Baby,” said Troll Brother. “Especially when it comes to eating it!”

Troll Baby laughed.

Troll Mother and Troll Sister planned the whole meal. They would have cold chicken, salad, rolls and Troll Mother would bake a very special strawberry cake.

“Strawberry cake!” exclaimed Troll Baby. “Yummy!”

The next day, Troll Mother and Troll Sister prepared all the food. Troll Brother and Troll Baby helped by picking a few quarts of strawberries from Troll Mother’s garden.

Sunday rolled around. Troll Mother and Troll Daddy were sitting at the kitchen table.

“Happy Father’s Day!” exclaimed the three Troll children together when they came down the stairs for breakfast.

“Why, thank you,” said Troll Daddy.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Troll Brother, looking outside to see that it was pouring rain. “Father’s Day is ruined!”

“No need to panic,” said Troll Mother. ”We will just have our Father’s Day picnic inside!”

“Great idea!” exclaimed Troll Daddy.

Around lunch time, Troll Mother and Troll Sister got the food ready, while Troll Brother and Troll Baby spread blankets on the living room floor.

“This is so much fun,” said Troll Daddy. “I am really enjoying this Father’s Day!”

The Troll Family had a wonderful indoor picnic and they didn’t even notice that it had stopped raining outside.

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