Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 9 – Outdoors

Dear Diary,

I am so excited and exhausted as well. My adventure outside today was an eye-opener for me. I walked around the entire park and there was not a single soul to be seen.

I noticed so many changes in the park that have occurred over the past 160 years. I noticed that there was a boardwalk built close to the shore of the lake. The boardwalk did make it very nice to walk on. I remembered that I always tripped on sticks or stubbed my toe on sharp rocks. It was always very hard to get down to the water but now there was a set of stairs that went right to the lake.

I walked down the stairs and I sat for hours at the edge of the lake. It was beautiful watching the sun come up. I never realized how beautiful the sunrise was. While sitting by the lake, I noticed a flock of ducks in the water. That was when I remembered that I needed to gather up some worms for the baby robin.

I walked along the water’s edge and rolled over a few logs and rocks. I found several juicy worms so I put them in a plastic container that I had brought with me.

I decided that I should take the worms home while they were still fresh. While walking back to the house, I noticed that the park was full of people.

I needed to get home but I was not ready to walk through the park full of people. I did not want anyone to see me. I saw a group of dark trees ahead along the edge of the park. I walked through the trees, allowing me to avoid the crowd.

I stepped out of the dark trees where they ended. There was a little girl walking with her father. The little girl looked right into my eyes. She then asked her dad if I was a monster. I saw a shed up ahead and before the father turned around to take a look, I was able to hide behind the shed.

I did hear the father tell the girl that monsters did not exist. The little girl started coming toward the shed. I saw the front door to my house and without even looking for traffic on the street, I darted for the front door and once inside, I quickly locked it.

Once I caught my breath, I took the container of worms out of my pocket and fed them to the baby robin. The baby robin was very thankful for its meal.

I thought about my day and how good it felt to get out of the house. I enjoyed it very much. I decided that I will only go outside during the early morning hours and that way I could avoid running into people.


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